The AAClock was designed to be an extremely minimalist clock. Playing off our knowledge of digital clocks that are so common today. This clock represents the same information but in a new and artistically pleasing fashion. Breaking the standard 4 characters of a digital clock design into 3 color oriented rows of spheres. Each colored sphere represents a numeric value, and the spheres row corresponds to the ‘digit’ of time.

How To Read:
The row closest to the Home button is the least significant digit, the minute. The middle row is the ‘tens’ of minutes; the second digit in the minutes past the hour. The top row represents the hour.

The sphere’s color represents their value. Blue has a value of one, Green has a value of 5, and Red has a value of 10.


The current time of the image above is 9:44. The top row has 4 spheres that are blue ( a value of 1 ) and 1 sphere that is green ( value of 5 ). So the time of the top row is 4 + 5 for a hour of 9.

The middle and the bottom row both have 4 spheres that are blue, so just use it for the respective digit (middle row being tens of minutes and the bottom row being minutes)

Version 1.3
- Updated to support the latest generation of iOS devices
- Removed the ability to select different icon styles

Version 1.1.1
- Updated settings pane including a more robust color selection
- Addressed an issue causing image corruption
- Reduced the size of the application

Version 1.1.0
- Added in support for custom colors for the sphere values
- Added in support for multiple sphere styles
- Minor menu cosmetic changes

Version 1.0.1
- Corrected the app icon
- Updated the location of the Spheres (removed curve for the moment)
- Added in fading of non essential GUI elements

Version 1.0.0
- Initial Release