A suit of tools to assist the MTG player of any skill level.

• Encounters allows you to keep track of the necessities of doing battle. Track life with conveniently incremented life modifiers as well as a poison counter. There is also a timer to track how long matches have played out.
• A glossary allows for quick look-up for obscure terminology or for a quick reference.
• A direct link to Wizards of the Coast’s news feed ensures your always up to date with the latest from their news department and tournament results.
• A listing of the latest videos from Wizards of the Coast YouTube channel makes it convienent to follow all the big battles a and promotional videos.

MTGTool 1.0.2 Published


  • Now supports viewing WoTC official rules in addition to a glossary. They will also be automatically updated whenever WoTC releases updated rules.
  • The background is now controlled through the application preferences under Settings->MTGTool.
  • French language support
  • Videos view now supports landscape viewing
  • Several improvements and bug Fixes

Let me know what other features you'd love to see!

iTunes Link


1.0.1 Published!

  • Fixed quite a few bugs / issues.
  • Added an additional info tab to get the latest news about the app and provide feedback
  • Added the ability to just use a plain grey background instead of being forced to select a photo from the photo album
  • Added the ability to select whether cellular should be used to access WoTC background image

iTunes Link


The inital version has launched. I'm aware of some issues that will be fixed in the next version that should be coming out soon! If you have any ideas on how to make it more useful let me know!

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